07 October 2007

The Scavenger Hunt

Amanda and group

On our first day in China, we were sent out to explore Beijing. This was for two reasons: so we would get out and explore the city and culture, and so we wouldn't fall asleep from jet lag. It worked! We went on a scavenger hunt. Some of our tasks: eat at a local restaurant, find our way around on a bus, and learn the subway. We went all over!

This photo is us in front of the official 2008 Olympic countdown! Everyone here is excited and super proud of the Olympics coming up. Standing there looking at the clock was amazing--it made me excited too!

The Clock

It is in Tiananmen Square on the east side. Just to the left of it facing North is the Gate of Heavenly Peace (the Tiananmen itself), also known as the entrance into the Forbidden City. That was another requirement for another day...

And look! This is a photo of me actually standing in Tiananmen Square! Who would have thought I'd actually be here!!! Unbelievable. All of it.

Standing in history

Well, I've got to run.
Until next time,

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