08 April 2007

My First Blog

Happy Easter. I guess it is time for something new. So I find myself blogging for the first time ever.

I have a myspace page, but my advisor advised me to blog here instead. I like it, it is simpler than Myspace. Whew, and boy do I need simpler!

I'm still learning all the options for internet users. How funny, that I have never done something like this before! But I'm excited. :)

And in celebration of Easter and this time of year:

"The liberating thing about Good Friday and Easter is that one's thoughts are swept far beyond one's own personal fate to the ultimate meaning of all life and suffering, and of whatever occurs, such that one is seized by a great hope."
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer to his family, Tegel prison, April 25th, 1943 (Easter Sunday)

Much love,